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Paris Engagement Ring

Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend, Especially When They Cost $2 Million

Imagine combining a 20-carat Pear Shaped Diamond with a stunning platinum casing, creating a completely OTT diamond ring, worth over $2 Million dollars. Well yes, it has been done and something this extra special could only be pulled off by a princess, well, an heiress they say.Paris Hilton is living in an actual fairytale following her fiance Chris Zylka’s marriage proposal (on top of the snowy mountains in Aspen!)

Here you will find the details of this glorious ring!

Zylka’s goal was to propose to Paris Hilton with the most beautiful ring in the world. With the help of his jeweller and in just two short days, the diamond was cut and polished into its stunning Pear Shape.

The rare Pear Shape ‘Snow-White’ Diamond is surrounded by a halo of more than two carat’s of stunningly cut diamonds. The ring is extremely rare because of the weight of the stone and the purity of the diamond. Although the diamond isn’t a ‘river pure’ (which would’ve almost doubled the price!), the engagement ring is still considered a ‘timeless beauty’ by diamond experts.

Image Source: Ring: http://bit.ly/2G1edqd

The ring was designed with the help of celebrity jeweler Michael Green, with inspiration from Paris’ Mother’s engagement ring. Chris apparently fell in love with the Pear Shape immediately and knew it was the one before seeing any other options. The average engagement ring is 1.20 carat and (by rule of thumb) should cost around 2 months worth of your salary, so 20-carat isn’t exactly understated!

“The ring was so gorgeous and sparkling,” Hilton told People after announcing the engagement. “I was shaking as I put it on. It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen!”

To put the gorgeous proposal into perspective, the Cushion Cut Diamond ring Kanye West gave Kim Kardashian in 2013, which is also estimated at $2 Million, was only 15 carats! So if she’s trumped Kimmy K, that’s saying something.

As OTT as this is, you can’t deny it’s total #ringgoals!

If you’re in love with this ring as much as we are at Anania, click here to check out our very own perfect Pear Shaped beauty!