H-colour is the best balance between beauty and value. 

What does that mean for diamond colour? It means an H-colour diamond. Why should you choose an H-colour grade?

Because when the right H-colour diamond is set in your engagement ring, it will be brilliant, beautiful and colourless. A professional might see a hint of colour but honestly, you won’t.

And the money you save by buying H-colour will mean you can afford a very well cut larger diamond: two things that everyone who looks at the ring will definitely see right away.

Will you be able to tell that your diamond is an H-colour when you wear it in an engagement ring? Diamond professionals will be able to see that your diamond is colourless or near colourless but not its exact colour grade.

Your friends and family will only see that your diamond is white and sparkly and then will move on to see how big it is. No one will ask to see a report. No one will pull out a diamond master set to see if it’s an F or G. Investing in a better colour doesn’t have much of a payoff.

An H-colour diamond will still look colourless even in an engagement ring that’s platinum or another white metal like palladium or white gold. And it will look particularly bright in a yellow or rose gold engagement ring.

No matter what kind of jewellery you set it in, the difference that an H colour makes to your diamond’s beauty is less noticeable than the difference that cut quality makes.

If you want an almost colourless diamond at an accessible price point, H-colour is a good choice for your diamond.

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