At Anania, we often ask couples/clients who come in – what they think of when we say “blue BMW”. Someone might think of a dark blue SUV, someone else a light blue convertible, the point is we all think of something different.

Diamonds are the same – reading the depths of the internet, you begin to formulate a preconceived concept of what the right diamond is, and that is before you’ve even seen one.

What we like to offer is what is simply dubbed the blind test.

Three diamonds, all a bit different, in individual boxes, put in front of you for you to put in order what stands out for you. Once you’ve got the order you like, we can turn the boxes over and go through what you have seen.

The number of times a client has picked an SI2 clarity diamond over a Si1 or VS2  will astound you.

Once you have a baseline and it fits within your budget, it is then an opportunity to fine-tune and start working on designing the ring and setting.

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