Emerald-cut diamonds are sought after for their understated glamour and eye-catching depth. This octagonal step cut features parallel, rectangular facets, and it is the large, open table that highlights the stone’s pure colour and icy clarity.

The emerald cut is a suitable choice for those seeking an Art Deco-inspired engagement ring style.

The Emerald Cut Diamond provides deep clarity and a large surface table. Through its long step cuts, the diamond offers abundant reflections both of white and coloured light. Emerald Cuts are more prominent in rectangles but are available in squares as well.

Cut quality is a little trickier to assess for Emerald Cuts than Round Brilliants because lab entities don’t give a cut grade for fancy shaped diamonds. In general, though, there are parameters that make it easy to select a brilliant and beautiful Emerald Cut.

Dimensions like depth %, table %, and length to width ratios impact how the diamond looks and how much light it reflects. To buy a well-cut Emerald diamond, focus on depth being below 74%.

Of course, you should pay attention to all the specs available, but the depth itself will present a beautiful Emerald Cut. 

A diamond’s length to width ratio tells how squared or elongated its shape is. The ratio is calculated by dividing the length of the diamond by the width. For example, if a diamond’s length is 6mm and its width is 4mm, the length to width ratio is 1.50 – rectangular shape.

On the opposite side, a length to width ratio close to 1 looks like a square, because the length and width of the diamond are similar.

The ideal shape for an Emerald Cut Diamond is rectangular, with the ratio classically ranging from 1.30 to 1.60. Most people choose a ratio close to 1.50, however, you may have your own preference for a slightly wider or longer shaped diamond.

When you look at an Emerald Diamond of a J grade or higher with the naked eye, you can easily notice a slight yellow tint. Because the naked eye notices no tint at an I colour grade or better, we recommend this range for the most beauty and best value.

Emerald Cut Diamonds offer an elegant shape and unique Step Cuts. Emerald Cuts are a phenomenal choice for those desiring a larger looking Diamond without a hefty price tag.

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