The simple answer is there is no set cost, because every ring we see is different, every finger that needs a ring resized is different.

It only needs to go up/down half a size…….

…..I promise you, it is never half a size.

In all seriousness, we take ring resizing very very seriously! I want Jewellery to be worn, not sat in a drawer, hidden away. If you bought the wrong size of shoes or clothes, you would be onto it to get the right size or fit.

I know that there are a lot of misconceptions about ring re-sizing so I thought it would be good to dispel some of them here (based on years of experience, lots of funny stories, and every type of hand and finger imaginable).

To complicate matters, even more, there is no one standard ring sizing metric. The US uses a number system, Japan uses a different numbering system, Europe uses a different numbering system and here in Australia we use an alphabet system (we have a ring stick/mandrel that converts the different numbers)

What we need to know before putting together a quote is 

  1. Metal Type
  2. Ring width
  3. Ring thickness
  4. Are there diamonds/gemstones in the ring
  5. What is the current size, and what is the new size?

Basically, changing a ring size 3 sizes won’t affect the shape of the ring. If there are diamonds or gemstones, once we have a new size we go around and tighten those stones. When a size needs to change 3 sizes or more (with stones in it) the circumference needs to follow the line of the setting, so instead of the ring being perfectly round, it will often be slightly oval.

Metal type is a huge factor as different metals melt at different temperatures. This is important because our preferred method of resizing is called fusing. The fusing technique involves cutting out the section of metal, creating a piece of metal thicker, wider and longer than the gap and heating the edges up to a melting point and making the ring solid again. Once the metal is cooled the ring is filed, shaped and polished.

Some of the other factors we need to consider when looking at a ring for resizing are

  • Is it curved/comfortable fit on the inside
  • How does the width of the ring sit on your finger

Often we are asked to resize rings that are family heirlooms, and often these rings are very thin and not ideal for everyday wearing or pinky/signet rings we need to consider in a different way as well.

Having an on-site Jeweller means we can resize a ring in half a day or the next day if we have other deadlines to meet.

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