A simple search will come up with the 4 x C’s of diamond grading (Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat). What do they mean in a common sense approach and how does that relate to budget? I apply an additional 3 x C’s for my clients to consider (which they have to anyway, I just address it directly for them). For me, I am working to maximise my client’s bang for buck, by maximising the value of their diamond. I would only suggest a diamond to a client if it met my criteria based on  7 attributes.

When you are buying a diamond – you need to compare them visually to others. I take all my clients through a blind test and it never fails to surprise me when what they thought was important, turns out they couldn’t pick it. A diamond is a beautiful object that needs to be seen, not just purchased on specifications on a certificate, with infinite combinations, each diamond is as unique as your partner.

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