Pearls are one of the earth’s most beautiful natural treasures. Pearls are loved globally for the timeless aesthetic that has made them a highly desirable Jewellery piece.

Pearls are the only gemstone that are produced by a living creature, rather than mined. Pearls are grown in Mollusks such as oysters in saltwater and mussels in freshwater.

Cultured pearls mean that the oyster or mussel is introduced with a particle (known as irritant) and within 2-4 years the pearls are fully grown and ready to be harvested, which takes surgical precision.

Freshwater pearls are generally produced in China, whereas Saltwater pearls are grown off the coast of Japan (Akyoya and Handama), French Polynesia (Tahitian) and Australian (South Sea).

The different pearl growing regions are normally associated with different coloured pearls.

Tahitian – Black
South Sea – White and golden
Akoya – small white

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