Marquise-cut diamonds feature an elongated shape that many refer to as an “eye” or “football” shape. Marquise diamonds vary in shape from gem to gem which makes each one special and unique. 

A marquise-cut diamond will reveal colour more easily than a round diamond. For example if you’re pairing a marquise diamond with white gold or platinum, stick to a colour grade of H or better. An H colour diamond will appear white and cost less than a higher colour grade.

For yellow and rose gold rings, a marquise diamond will still look colourless all the way down to K colour. Since the metal will reflect some of its colour in the diamond anyway, the slight warmth in a K colour diamond will still look white against coloured metal.

Marquise diamonds are a great cut if you are looking for a nontraditional diamond cut with an elongated shape. Marquise cut diamonds are very versatile, and their unique shape makes them perfect in vintage styles and as stunning solitaire gems.

Marquise cut diamonds also have a noticeably larger face-up surface area than round cut diamonds, giving you a larger-looking gem for the same carat weight.

Marquise diamonds are special for their unique, elongated shape and the variation of shape from gem to gem. Not all marquise diamonds will look the same, as differing length-to-width ratios can create many different looks and further personalise your gem.

Elongated cuts such as marquise, oval, and pear often appear larger than round cut diamonds of the same carat weight because they appear longer on your finger.

These cuts also have a larger face-up surface area compared to rounded shapes because they have a more shallow cut, so the diamond’s visible size will actually be larger.

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