Jewellery needs to be enjoyed. the best way to enjoy jewellery is to wear it.

We send out regular emails to clients the first being after 6 months and invite them in for a complimentary clean and check-up. During the first 6 months of anything new, we can quickly see and understand how a Jewellery piece is being worn and can work out if something needs to be adjusted to suit the wearer.

After that, it is every 12 months a check-up reminder and the offer to just drop by when you are nearby for a quick clean with high pressure steam, ultrasonic rinse and a check to make sure everything is looking good.

We can’t predict how people wear jewellery and what goes on in their lives. Regularly seeing Jewellery enables us to better understand if pieces need tweaking or catch for example worn claws.

We are always happy to help and welcome all of our clients back as often as needed to make sure their Jewellery can be worn and enjoyed.

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