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Covid-19 aka the Corona Virus aka an unforeseeable plan changer if there ever was one.

Like a lot of people, I got the chance to watch some old movies over the weekend…..not old old, just not made in the last year. I came across an old favourite “Serendipity”.  Definitely worth a watch, John Cusack, Kate Beckinsale and of course New York City.



The movie references the book (and now film)  “Love in the time of the Cholera” which I read years ago and have now re-read.

Love cholera

I had hoped when I started writing that there was a clear correlation between now and then, but sadly not enough to get tips for couples or eager gentleman wanting to propose.

So, instead, I thought back to what most couples tell me about their proposals. Sadly (and overwhelmingly) the dinner at a fancy restaurant was always a dead giveaway (as well as so much pressure for everyone……wait staff included). I’ve personally always loved the story’s I hear from guys who have picked up their engagement ring…..they have a plan for the weekend or in a few weeks or a trip away and get home, are so excited and they just get down on that knee and propose, right there in the home they often share.

I wrote a blog on Engagement Rings last week, and I absolutely believe that there needs to be thought put into the proposal. There is a very good opportunity to really take notice of the person you are hoping to upgrade to Fiance and have so much fun with it.  The thought has as much social media quality as a polished 5 star restaurant, and it is great to be different.

Your engagement ring is different from everyone else’s, your relationship is different from everyone else’s. So grab the opportunity and be amongst the few couples who will be able to claim that they got engaged during Covid 19 (in 2020).

Stay healthy and safe

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