My grandfather, Orfeo Anania, a classically trained Italian master Jeweller, arrived in Sydney in 1955. The story goes he arrived on a Monday and on the Tuesday already had a job making Opal Jewellery. In 1965 he opened a small workshop in Sydney and was commissioned by Jewellery Retailers all over Australian to design and make Jewellery. When he opened his workshop he had already been a successful Jeweller for over 30 years, so while our business is over 55 years old, our experience is over 75 years

The business grew and in 1977 my father Ken joined. My grandfather ran the workshop and my dad ran the office and sales. My three aunts at various times had different roles in the business, from sales, marketing, design and manufacturing. My mum looked after payroll and accounts, and I spent my holidays working in the office, running errands and helping out in the workshop.

Demand for Quality Australian made Jewellery, bolstered by government protection on imports allowed the business to thrive, at one time every major Jewellery retailer and duty free store carried Jewellery made by Anania.
To date Anania’s has been the 5th longest member of the Jewellers Association of Australia (JAA). Ken has served on the board of directors of the JAA and the President of the Australian Opal & Gem Industry Association which then became a sector of the JAA.

In the year 2000 I officially joined the business, first on secondment to Sydney International Airport selling Jewellery while studying at University, and then in the office in 2003 as the office manager. Over a period of 10 years from 2008 to 2017 I had the opportunity to start and run a business outside of Jewellery, but continued to work in the business and as much as any know it all son does, make suggestions about changes to the business. The industry changed and the business changed with it.

In 2017 I came back and Ken decided that after 43 years it was time to retire.
It doesn’t take long to realise that Jewellery is in my blood. I’ve lived and breathed Jewellery my entire life. My passion for it is boundless. I have had the great fortune to not have a job, I have a career, one that gets me out of bed in the morning, looks after myself and my 3 daughters. I am honoured and humbled that my clients trust me, and let me into their lives to help them create beautiful pieces that will last beyond our life times and on to our children’s and grand-children.

A great business is fuelled by evolution not revolution. I love watches and in 2019 opened Sydney Watch Centre, a one of a kind watch repair and service centre, specialising in Swiss Watches. We do everything from a battery change, supply and replace watch bands, full restorations of antique watches, buy and sell watches including stocking Swiss watch brands Edox, Baume et Mercier and Mondaine.

In 2020 I launched AJ & W Auctions, a way for my clients and the wider community to on-sell unwanted Jewellery for more than they would get selling it at scrap value and without exorbitant auction fees for the seller and no fees for buyers, allowing everyone to achieve better and fairer results.

In 2021 I also took over Diamonds by Design a business that is now also into its third generation. Karen Lindley worked with my grand-father and father over her more than 50 year career in Jewellery. Diamonds by Design specialises in Lab-grown diamonds.

What will come next for Anania Family Jewellers?
You do!
Our story isn’t complete without you in it. I wanted to build on my grand-father and fathers hard work, skill and offer what I could – a place that you will be comfortable, with people you can trust to assist you in whatever your needs are with Jewellery and watches.

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