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Not all diamond importers and wholesalers are the same. Diamonds are one of the most captivating, desired  and complicated aspirational products on earth. At the same time as lauding their beauty and symbolism, they are by their very nature contradictory. A simple search will come up with the 4 x C’s of diamond grading (Cut, Colour, Clarity & Carat). What do they mean in a common sense approach and how does that relate to budget. I apply an additional 3 x C’s for my clients to consider (which they have to anyway, I just address it directly for them). For me, I am working to maximise my clients bang for buck, by maximising the value of their diamond. I would only suggest a diamond to a client if it met my criteria based on the 7 attributes below. 

When you are buying a diamond – you need to compare them visually to others. I take all my clients through a blind test and it never fails to surprise me when what they thought was important, turns out they couldn’t pick it. A diamond is a beautiful object that needs to be seen, not just purchased on specifications on a certificate, with infinite combinations, each diamond is as unique as your partner.


Is how well the diamond has been cut to proportion to maximise the impact of it – this is the most important and the easiest to get wrong – see below under Certification.


is a Letter scale, beginning at D and running down to Z. The higher the letter, the less colour is found in the diamond (which does not mean it sparkles more).


Most diamonds have inclusions. Different cultures around the world have a higher demand for less inclusions. On average as you go up the scale of diamond clarity towards Flawless, the cost jumps 15-20% each time. So I ask my clients if they want to spend more for something they cannot see (this is based on most faceted diamonds, Emerald or Radiant cuts have a different philosophy)


This is the one that trips everyone up. Carat is a weight not a dimension.  If it is a badly Cut diamond the ratio of diameter to depth might be out, so when light goes in and refracts the sparkle will be diminished.

Bonus C’s


Everyone has a budget (cash) that they can comfortably spend. So the aim is to get the best of the above C’s to fit within the budget


This is an important consideration. The world authority on diamond grading is GIA. GIA graded diamonds have more consumer confidence and are in higher demand, and therefore have a much higher price. For round diamonds GIA uses a scale of 
  • Excellent
  • Very Good
  • Good 

to describe the Polish, Symmetry and Cut Grade. These are on a scale, which means you could have a diamond that just makes the Excellent Scale. With round diamonds I look for diamonds that are as close to the centre of the Excellent scale, which ensures the diamond is going to sparkle. There is a slightly higher cost, but you need to remember you are buying the diamond to sparkle, not to have Excellent in three places on a certificate in your drawer.
There are some other really good diamond grading houses that are based in Europe and Australia. They use the same methodologies as GIA, and have different requirements for certification. There is nothing wrong with the diamonds, they are not generally sent to one grading house over another, it tends to be the pick of the drawer. As mentioned for most clients certification goes into a drawer, so it is worth considering non-certified and non-GIA certified diamonds to increase value, and often clients are surprised when they pick a non-GIA certified diamond as their favourite in blind tests.


This is the most personal of the C’s. How confident are you with the person showing you the diamond. Are they trying to up-sell you, or are they listening and engaging and taking in mind the feedback you are giving them. Are they going to be able to make the piece of Jewellery you have in mind. This is by far the most important – because they may have the exact right diamond, but just not the right person to make it. This you just have to trust your intuition.

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