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Shower The One You Love

Your anniversary is the day to show your partner how much they mean to you, so we have put together some anniversary ideas that we hope you’ll love!

Here at Anania, we love to love! Over the years, we’ve learnt a few tricks about how to show your special someone your appreciation. Even though we should be spoiling our loved ones everyday, we know that it’s not always possible, so take advantage of your day of love and plan something memorable! If you’re struggling for some ideas, take a look at our list below to get you started!

Plan a picnic
Do some planning and organise a destination they’ll love. Find a quiet area where you can spend some time together to talk and relax. Bring along their favourite dessert or a bottle of red wine to top off the date! You could even use your lounge room – just add some candles!

Create a movie theatre
Surprise your loved one by shutting the blinds, hooking up the surround sound and buying some popcorn and choc-tops. Be sure to pick a movie they love or maybe one they’ve been wanting to see. Our tip, make some personalised tickets on your computer.

Make memory balloons
Write down some of your favourite memories with your loved one on small pieces of paper and place them into balloons. When your loved one comes home, get them to pop each one to find out what you’ve said. For some extra fun, tell them they can’t use their hands!

Have a progressive dinner
Organise a 3-5 course meal and eat each course at a new place! Entrees at home, mains at the place you had your first date and dessert at their favourite cafe!

Scavenger hunt
Leave a list of clues for them to follow and lead them to a final destination. This could be in the house or around the area! Alternatively, while they’re not home, use some masking tape to make a trail for them to follow with presents taped in along the way!

If you’re looking for special way to shower the one you love with love, make sure you consider their interests and what makes them special. If you’re looking to surprise them with jewellery on your special day, take a look at what we offer at Anania here!