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Jewellery and your Hands

Winter time brings with it cold. Most people find that their rings are a little bit looser. Summer brings warmer weather, and your rings a little bit tighter.

A lot of people start to get an irritation on their hands where there rings sit. Don’t stress, its just dead skin cells that have come off when you have cleaned your hands. The moisture gets stuck under your ring and as it heats up the skin gets irritated. Its the first sign that your ring needs to be re-sized.

What you can do

  1. When you wash your hands take all rings off and make sure your hands are completely dry (this isn’t always possible – and especially in public – not recommended).
  2. Every few months boil a jug and put your rings in boiling water with a cap full of cloudy ammonia. Soak for about 10 minutes. Brush the rings with an old soft toothbrush, then rinse under warm water and dry with a hair dryer.
  3. If you find you have an irritation on your hands, take your rings off (secure them and clean them) and try not to wear them for a week or until the irritation goes away. Use natural products like coconut oil on your hands
  4. Drop in and have your rings cleaned (this isn’t a polish, but it will make your rings clean and sparkling) it usually takes about 5-10 minutes (enough time to write a wish list) there is no charge for this service if it is something we have made for you (we will also do a thorough check)
  5. Make a time to have your fingers checked and your rings resized