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Diamonds are everyones best friend in April

Diamonds are a girls best friend – but aren’t they really everyone’s best friend? If you are like me (and why not), I subscribe to the notion of happy wife, happy life.

As much as i would love everyone husband/boyfriend in the world to decide in April to what the hell, its April and darling you deserve a diamond, they are rare and precious for a reason.

So anyone that does have a significant anniversary/birthday in April, there should not be any excuse for not thinking about a diamond in some form or another.

Diamond dress ring

Stunning pave diamond dress ring with 2.12 cts

Diamond History courtesy of the American Gem Society:

Diamonds have been admired for centuries, and some historians estimate it was traded as early as 4 BC. One of the reasons it is so admired and valued is because of the process by which a diamond must be formed well below the earth’s crust, then forced upward until it is uncovered.

But before this process was understood, many ancient civilizations believed that diamonds were lighting made real on earth. Perhaps this is the reason that diamonds have often been associated with great healing powers. Many thought the diamond could cure brain disease, alleviate pituitary gland disorders and draw toxins from the blood.

Historically, the diamond first became a popular gemstone in India, when the Moghuls and Imperial Colony easily mined diamonds from deposits along three major rivers. Today, the diamond is most widely known as the stone to give as part of an engagement ring.

Throughout history, however, the diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love. So whether you’re getting engaged, or simply want to give yourself a truly meaningful gift, the diamond has both beauty and enduring symbolism.

With the summer in Sydney seeming to have no end in sight (it is 29 degrees today in the middle of April) – summer is always the most popular time for engagements……maybe the longer than usual hot weather is a sign?

Whether it is an engagement ring in Sydney, or a little something for a birthday, anniversary or congratulations, we would love to see you soon.