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5 ways to spoil your Mum this Mother’s Day

Ah Mums. They are they first special lady in our lives that fill our hearts and tummies with all the good stuff.

With Mother’s Day just around the corner, we want to show our mums how much they mean to us. We know how tricky it can be to find the perfect way to show your Mum how special she is, that’s why we’ve developed a list of ideas to help you make the most of that special day.

1. Breakfast in bed
One of our favourite ways to show Mum our appreciation is to make her a hot breakfast in bed. Find out what her favourite hot treat meal is and prepare it nice and early in the morning. Add some flowers on the tray as an extra surprise!

2. Buy her a gift
Now this one is a must. A small (or large) gift never goes astray. Consider buying her a new sweater or tickets to a show. To view our range of jewellery, click here.

3. Plan a picnic
If your Mum likes the outdoors then consider taking her on a picnic. Lakes and open grass areas are often popular on sunny days so be sure to get there early! Pick up some takeaway or make some sandwiches if you want to show your appreciation even more.

4. Have a family games day
If board games are your Mum’s favourite past time then it’s time to set aside a few hours, grab some snacks, and her favourite games. We love to play Monopoly, just be sure to smile gracefully as you let her win on her special day.

5. Go on a vacation
If you have the financial means, plan a weekend away to give your mum the ultimate Mother’s Day experience. Head to the beach to give her the break she deserves, or if the sand and sea isn’t for her, then the countryside can be a great alternative.

Whatever the weather, it’s important to make sure your Mum knows how much you love and appreciate her. Make the most of this special day with a few surprises that she’ll remember forever.